Revisiting some shots, the B&W alternatives

No Cyclocross to shoot for me today, feeling under the weather and rather sorry for myself, so revisited some of last weeks shoot with one small caveat …… All shots processed Black & White. Trying/experimenting with differing ways to show my shots also so feel free to comment here on the video if you prefer this or just with my static shots.

Speak soon

edit: after watching the quality of this on Youtube Im not convinced but opinions would be gratefully received

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3 thoughts on “Revisiting some shots, the B&W alternatives

  1. Great shots there Scott.

    I think cyclocross is far more photogenic than road racing – there are only so many shots of cyclists looking determined on a road bike you can see before they get boring

  2. Many thanks for the input gents, I do hope to try and do some Road racing shots at one time Paul so hopefully I can stay away from the boring ones ;)
    Again appreciate all the comments

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