Cross O’er the Meedies

Firstly an admission….. I missed the start of this cyclocross meet, it was far too nice a day not to get out on my bike this morning, cycling was made for days like this. Sun, no wind and a hint of mist in the air at points, dew on the moist grass…..perfect. As a result I only managed to watch, cheer on and shoot the Vets and Open races so I apologise for missing some shots, and for not getting a good look at the course before the racing began.

As a standalone event, not part of the Scottish CX series, it was a nice warm up for next weeks Scottish Championship race in Foxlake. It was great to see most of the usual suspects, and those that entered were taking the racing seriously, and getting their pain faces on.

Cyclocross is not known for its mild winter weather racing, especially in Scotland, but I’m almost positive not one competitor has complained about it this season. This race did however see a welcomed return to some mud, a bonus as far as spectators and photographers were concerned even if the mud became a hazard and caused the course to be changed slightly before the last race came through. It did lead to some amusing comments with some Veteran and Senior riders noticing the changes to the course.

Close, hard, and fast racing throughout, and the pace showed on the final lap, escpecially in the Open race where a few riders legs were well and truly gone, almost willing themselves through the swirling ring and onto the finish line. I almost felt sorry for them…..almost ;o)
Speak soon

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4 thoughts on “Cross O’er the Meedies

  1. Yes we had to make the minor change to the course for last race as there was real potential for a very nasty injury! The alteration made for some interesting viewing for our Marshall at the junction as riders who had practiced before the revision approached!

    1. I was in no way belittling the reasons for changing the course, I saw first hand exactly why it was changed and I applaud the reasoning and efficiency.

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