Pedal Power Road Race

Saturday saw me back behind the lens after a long lay off, I had previously only shot a few events over the summer so I was a tad rusty but I approached Pedal Power store in West Calder to check their interest in me shooting their annual Road race, a part of the East & Central Scotland Road race series and the Alba series .
Alan Maxwell of Pedal Power RT had organised a great event, this year having 2 races a Cat3-4 and a CatE,1,2,3 with differing race distances over the same course. The course was a difficult one, a big and small loop from West Calder, over the turbine strewn hills to Auchengray and onto the Lang Whang, descending back into West Calder, the smaller loop concentrating on the roads between the wind turbines and West Calder. An exposed lumpy course that if the wind was unkind would punish riders.
I had wanted to try something a bit different trying to get into a car to take some pictures but understandably the commisaire prevented this, so I jumped into my trusty car and chased the races down.
The Cat 3-4 race over 2 big loops and 2 small loops managed to stay in a bunch for most of the race however the Cat E,1,2,3 blew apart from the off, the quick pace seeing a group of favourites take an early lead they would not relinquish. By the time they came to small loop of the course it was increasingly difficult to know who was on the lead lap.
The fruits of my labour are below….hope you enjoy.

You can head over to the British Cycling website to see the results of the event but well done to Calum Gray of Peebles CC & Philip Trodden of Team Moda-Anon for the wins in their respective races

Speak soon

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