Irvine Beach National Trophy Series Round 2

The National trophy made an appearance north of the border for the first time and Walkers Cycling Club took on the challenge to ensure it was a success….and what a cracking job they made of it.

Irvine Beach National Trophy is a bit of a mouthful so we just call it Jocksijde,a tip of the cap to the “other” sand CX race and the course did look like something out of the super prestige or World Cup events. The course was a sprawling monster super quick being (mostly) hard underfoot with some great ascents, off camber sections, fast descents and of course sand, two sand pits to catch the riders out, to test the riders technical ability and test the bikes reliability.

Being on the coast the wind was a factor, you didn’t need to look at the flags for the wind direction the expressions of pain writ large on some riders faces on the return leg heading into the finish was enough. With the course being so long and fast the fields split very quickly, generally well with half a lap, the savagery of the course with its allowance for rest taking no prisoners and only the strong few could take on the course towards victory.

I love this course, it’s changed over the years and it’s current iteration is brilliant although, if I were to ask most riders after completing it I’m not sure they would feel the same way. One thing though, this course was so long it proved impossible to shoot the entire course within the 40 min race time… if I may, one small request, can we make it easier for us poor photographers next time.

Until next time.

Photo Gallery here



  1. Mr Franco Porco says:

    Hi Scott
    Looking to see if you have any pics I could purchase of my race.

  2. Mr Franco Porco says:

    Cheers mate

  3. Mr Franco Porco says:

    The guys did a great job of the whole weekend, best set up I’ve been to and I’ve did few National trophy’s

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